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I owe my first personal contact with aquarium hobby to my dad, when at the age of eight he took me to a newly opened pet store, an hour walk away. Shortly after entering, I heard “Shut mouth Tomek and listen ,,, you put it off a long time, and I know that you like to watch everything related to underwater life … do you want to have an aquarium in your room?” Interest has changed into a passion that I have been developing until now. I was pleased to watch the design of the beam in the form of a wooden board with a light bulb inside and a pump. After plugging in, dazzled by the coloration of life from behind the glass, I thought … “is there anything more beautiful in the world?” The first experiments came about over five years ago, when I bought an 120/40/70 aquarium with a plastic cover, I was not happy with the quality of the lighting that I received in the package … It had nothing to do with the magical memory of my childhood. I started to search. I trusted many sellers, I spent a lot of money. I tried everything from fluorescent lamps, LED strips, warm, natural, cold, RGB colors … one day I found an online store selling Led modules, Drivers, power supplies and literally everything you need to produce your own Led beam. I tinkered whenever I could, looking for perfect lighting, and found it, but many times the next project proved to be better than the previous one. I was trusted by a few friends, who entrusted in my hands to do something “my style” with their aquariums, and it really began with them. Excited about the very warm opinions I kept going looking for more interesting ideas for a larger group of aquarists. One day, after receiving another wrong order of the cut aluminum profile, I came up with the idea of ​​making my own housing for the Led beam. The idea turned out to be a shot at 10, something else … I was glad to read … “what an original performance … I recommend, I honestly recommend Aqua-Dreams lamps. In fact, thanks to your trust, not for a moment I stopped creating my company image. A good moment is to finish here. For those interested in the further stage of creativity and development, I invite you to my first lecture at the 1st National Meeting of the Malawi Club in Pokrzywna.